Wednesday, 15 July 2015

#btfindshawn Satdi 18ff Jooli 2015

Ok pals! Da final waynj,ents fur Satdi! 

Ere duz be map .....

1 - Castle Park.  Weez meetin in fwunt da wuin casel at 1pm.

2 - Duz be da Galleries Multi Storwee Karpark - wite opsite wer we meetin.

3 - Duz be Castle Mead Multi Storwee Karpark at far end da park (5 min walk fwum da wuin).

4 - Duz be Tempel Meed Twayne Stashunz!

We az also mark da M32 on da map witch duz be da mayne woot into da sitee fwum da M4/M5

Ope yoo can weed da map .... Weez doin diz on ipaw - so canno weeli tel wot blog tern owt like!

Eniwayz ... Eni qwestyunz, or if yoo needz eni elp pleez dm uz on twitta! We iz soooo lookin farard to seein yoo al on Satdi nd sertchin owt dem sheeps! Woofhoohoo!


  1. Ope it was good day out my pals...

  2. You definitely had a busy schedule!!!! Hope you had a nice summer this year. Keep posting.

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