Monday, 22 April 2013



Weez been finkin bowt ow pawtent burfdayz do be.  A burfday be yooz own speshul day, nd we  finx evrifur shud be mad feel xtra speshul on der own speshul day.

I did wesentlee ave a burfday - nd did get cayke nd lots burfday wishes frum my pals - wot did mak me feel vedy pawtent!

Molly can no beleev da eyes!

I iz vedy lukii dog - I az lots of toys nd tenshunz nd noms nd evrifin - even wen it is no me burfday, nd dat did mak me fink bowt all dose paw dogz oo duz no even av a fureva ome!  So insted of gettin more toys (weely I az plentee) I did diside to sponsor diz likel fella wiv me burfdayz munniis!  E gonna be me penpal nd I canno wayt to ear frum im!

Ronnie owr noo pal - oo we iz vedy appi to meet!

So meny of me luvlii Twitta pals did wish me appi burfday (nuffin to do wiv me avin bwordcast da date nd da fakt dat it woz me speshul day evri day fur bowt munff befur akshul day), dat me nd da Molly did fink it wud be nice to av fishul #BTposse burfday list so dat we cud all no wen it woz evrifurs burfday.

So!  Ere it be - da offishul list! #BTposseburfdays List Dis list be kept uptodate by uz - yooz can bookmark it, find it ere, or yoo can downlowd yooz own copy.  If yoo duz downlowd a copy do, memba it will no stay up to date.  Yooz canno chang eny infomashunz on da list so if yoo needs enyfin chanjin or added pleez tweet uz at @Jackmolly3.

Da list do av to pajis.  Da fus paj do be alfbetkal list of furs names nd der burfdays.  So if yoo wonts no pawtikla furs burfday yoo uses dis paj.  Da sekund paj (clik on tab Kalunda) is kalunda of all burfdayz so yoos can see wen burfdayz is cumin up nd put sekwet plans into akshunz! Az demonstwashunz if yoo looks at dis paj nd cheks owt Joon 18 yooz'll see dat da Molly av burfday cummin up! Jus showin yooz all ow it werk!

We iz opin dat owr pals will wont to use diz list nd mak all der pals burfdays xtra speshul!  BTW - if yoo dussnt no yooz burfday cawse yoo iz wescue dog or az uman wiv emptee ead or damij memwee yoo can simplee pik yooz favrit day!  Dat cud be yooz gotchya day or a day yoo pawtikly likes!  Simples!

So ooo be olda nd wysa today? 

So pleez memba owr list nd supaws yooz pals wiv speshul wishes!

Continwin in simla vane - weseevin pwessies nd gud wishes on burfdayz is wundaful - but weseevin dem owt of blu fur nuffin iz vedy gud feelin!  Diz did appen to uz da uva day.  Da post man did bwing uz a parsel al da way frum Mewika - we did no no wot it woz coz woz nofurs burfday in dis owse nd cwismas be long way off!  But look ........

Fabtastik uneek idee - weez did no say all dat! *giggle*

It be da mos fabtastik pwessie frum owr pal nd pwotekta @Dirtyhippydalek on Twitta! Iz a foto fwame wiv sum owr tweets etched into it, nd a foto of uz, Mr Hippy nd iz fur nd owr pal Quiver!  We luvs it sooo mutch - it az mad owr yeer!  So a big fank yoo to Mr Hippy nd Quiver fur makin us feel so vedy appi nd speshul!

Dat it pals - see yooz all on Twitta!

Monday, 1 April 2013

Owr pawsum week!

Ello ello!

We az ad da mos pawfik week!  We did go to Norfork on owr olibobs fur a ole week, nd den on da way ome we did stop off at owr pal Scrappy Nelson's Eesta meet up wer we did av lots bwill noms nd see 15 of owr pawsum Twitta pals!

Da Olibob

Owr cottij did be vedy cumfee nd we did spend mos of owr time der wecuvrin frum cold owtside, nappin nd sunpuddlin!

Iz da eetin on?
We did meet up wiv owr pals Poppy nd Basil (@Valentineslady on Twitta)

Semafor code fur Ello Poppy nd Basil wer is yoo?

Sowwy Poppy nd Basil!  Moms eyes waterin in wind cud no see pwopa cut umanz eads off 
We did sum eetin owt - witch ushlee look sumfin like dis:-

Food on tabel, Dogs unda tabel - sumfur call da RSPCA!
We did visit lots pawsum beeches:-

Nd we did meet sum local Border Tewwias:-

5 munff old Possum ooz mom be fwum Ostwalya!

Sum fur in a van oo ad been fishin!
Nd we did visit sum natya wewervs nd see sum birds!

Molly yooz scare dem all way!

So we did av pawsum week nd den did top it all off wiv visit to owr pal Scrappy Nelson nd da #BT3003 tweet up!  Ere be iz dad's egslent vidyo of da pawty:-

Nd dat be owr pawsum pawsum week! We opes yooz enjoy owr blog even a molcool az mutch as we did enjoy diz week coz den we noze yooz'll be vedy appy! Woofhoohoo! 

NB:  If yooz lookin at diz blog on yooz ibone or ipaw yoo maynot be abel to see da  #BT3003 vidyo - yoo can pwess  ere insted!