Monday, 1 April 2013

Owr pawsum week!

Ello ello!

We az ad da mos pawfik week!  We did go to Norfork on owr olibobs fur a ole week, nd den on da way ome we did stop off at owr pal Scrappy Nelson's Eesta meet up wer we did av lots bwill noms nd see 15 of owr pawsum Twitta pals!

Da Olibob

Owr cottij did be vedy cumfee nd we did spend mos of owr time der wecuvrin frum cold owtside, nappin nd sunpuddlin!

Iz da eetin on?
We did meet up wiv owr pals Poppy nd Basil (@Valentineslady on Twitta)

Semafor code fur Ello Poppy nd Basil wer is yoo?

Sowwy Poppy nd Basil!  Moms eyes waterin in wind cud no see pwopa cut umanz eads off 
We did sum eetin owt - witch ushlee look sumfin like dis:-

Food on tabel, Dogs unda tabel - sumfur call da RSPCA!
We did visit lots pawsum beeches:-

Nd we did meet sum local Border Tewwias:-

5 munff old Possum ooz mom be fwum Ostwalya!

Sum fur in a van oo ad been fishin!
Nd we did visit sum natya wewervs nd see sum birds!

Molly yooz scare dem all way!

So we did av pawsum week nd den did top it all off wiv visit to owr pal Scrappy Nelson nd da #BT3003 tweet up!  Ere be iz dad's egslent vidyo of da pawty:-

Nd dat be owr pawsum pawsum week! We opes yooz enjoy owr blog even a molcool az mutch as we did enjoy diz week coz den we noze yooz'll be vedy appy! Woofhoohoo! 

NB:  If yooz lookin at diz blog on yooz ibone or ipaw yoo maynot be abel to see da  #BT3003 vidyo - yoo can pwess  ere insted!


  1. a pawsome week my pals...I am very jellus....although frankly I dussnt care much for windy cold nivver did the Typist no good and he has been soft in da head since he was a boy....

  2. Uh oh! Iz dat wot cawse it? Owr umanz da same - but no fink dey can use same excoos! Pfft!