Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Goodbye to Yoos!

It iz wiv eavi earts dat we iz writin diz blog, az owr pal Ted, wun of owr Twitta pals did go OTRB yesday!

Ted nd iz brofur Issac be da fus pals to tweet nd follo uz wen we did joyn Twitta nd welcum uz into da #BTPosse.  Ted woz an inspirashunz to all iz pals on Twitta - a lejend, e did gwow old gwasfulli and pwowdly. Ted did have a appi nd long life, nd aldo we no he be wunnin fwee now nd playin wiv iz uva pals and famli OTRB da famli e as lef beyind mussbe feelin vedy sad nd lost.  We iz shure Ted duz no dis - nd we fink dis iz wot e wud wont say to iz famli :-


Yoo az givin me a speshul gif,
So sowwowfli  endowd,
Nd froo doze las fyu cherish dayz,
Yooz curij mad me pwowd.

But weely, luv is nowin
Dat yoo best furend be in pain,
Nd undastandin erfli akts
Will ony be in vain.

So lookin deep into yoos eyes,
Beyond, into yoos sowl,
I did see in yoo da magik, dat wud
Wunz mor mak me ole.

Da stwenff that you possess,
Is why I did look to you dat day,
To do dis fing dat mussbe dun,
Fur it da only way.

Dat stwenff is why I did follo yoo,
Nd choose yoo az my furend,
Nd why I did luv yoo all deez  yeer...
My partner 'til da end.

Pleez, undastan jus what dis gif,
Yoo az giv me, meenz to me,
It giv me bak da stwenff I los,
Nd all me digniti.

Yoo took a stand on me beharf,
Fur dat be wot furends do.
Nd no dat wot yoo did woz wite,
Fur I beleevs it to.

So wun las time, I breevd yooz smell,
Nd fru yooz  I did feel,
Da curij dat be in yoo,
To  gwant me dis  appeel.

Cut the leesh dat old me ere,
Deer furend, and let me wun,
Wunz mor a stwong and stedy dog,
Me pain and stwuggle dun.

Nd dussnt dispare me passin,
Fur I dussnt be far way,
Fureva ere wivin yooz eart,
Nd memwee I do stay.

I be ere watching ova yoo,
Yooz eva fayful furend,
Nd in yooz memweez Ido wun,
...a yong dog wunz agenn.

Adaptid frum  In Memory of Asta, Feb. 1997
(c) Karen Cloustonn

We dedkates dis poem to all owr pals oo az gon OTRB, but speshulli to der umanz oo az ad da curaj to let dem go!

RIP Ted! Wun fwee!


  1. Dat wos beautiful my pals *sniffs and wipes leaky eyes*

  2. What a bootiful triboot to a wonderful pal...RIP Ted

  3. Oh my pal...you haz da typist blubbin into his pooter....i wish he could ave seen dat sooner. He been feeling bloo and gilty about lettin me go...he do see my face in dem last minnits all da time but fanks to yoo he is feelin bit better bout he-self todae

  4. Oh Marley! Yoo set mom off now! Er kikin ersef fur not lettin typist see it befur! She stil memba all 3 of er uva dogs wen dey went OTRB but wen er feel bad er alays weed dis! Tel typist e did wundaful fing fur yoo pal!

  5. We are so sorry to hear about your friend.


  6. So very bootiful! I was so moved.

  7. Elpin uz go OTRB dyz be a vedy ard fing fur da umanz Mr Hippy - we juz wont dem no wot wundaful fing dey duz fur uz - nd dat weez pweshyates it!

  8. Our friend Marley just sent us this beautiful poem as we's a bit sad in our house this week. Has made us feel a bit better now, thank you.

    1. Ellos Bodie! Weez glad dat it elp likel bit pal! We nose ow ard times lyk deez duz be nd we be sendin yooz hugs nd simpafeee!