Monday, 31 December 2012

Noo fur 2013!

Ellos!  Diz be owr furst blog so weez keepin it shawt nd simples!

We iz to Borda Tewwias - brofur nd sisfur oo iz bofe good lookin, cool nd tellijent!

Weez been askin mom fur long time now if weez can av blog.  Er be animal behavrist nd fink er do no bowt uz dogz (snigga behind paws).  Enyways er az agweed to uz avin a blog so long as we use it to elp umanz undastan ow uz dogz finks nd lerns!

So da deel be we can give yooz updats on owr fun nd egsitin adventyas but we also givs sum tips on twaining nd stuff!  (We pwomis to keep dat bit shawt nd no to borwin - nd we mite twy to giv owr doggie pals tips on twainin umanz.)  We mite even put in sum case istorees - if da doggies nd der umanz allows it!

So ere's to a appy 2013 nd appy bloggin.

Iz we old nuff fur dwinkin dis?


  1. Aww! Fanx fur da supawt Winston!

  2. Yay Welkomes to B|logville , wee lovs nu furiends ere , wee looks furward to findin outs lots more abouts y'all

    Da K Krew

  3. Ellos to yoo to nd fanx fur da welcum. Weez werkin owr way fru weeding pals blogs! We will get der *giggle*