Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Anfru...anfor ...anfropomor..anfropomorfizem?

We can ardly say it nd we can defo no spell it but dis werd do be vedy pawtant! It az cawz uz dogz to be luvd nd given omes but it az also ment weez been subjekted to cwoolty!  So wot it meen?

Well acordin Wikpidya duz meen 'da attwibushun of uman karaktwistix to uva anipals'. So weez undastandin dat to meen dat de umans be finkin weez likel furry umanz oo do undastand nd like efurryfin uman!  At diz poynt we nose meny of owr doggy pals az started wollin da eyes nd gwonin az deez beleefs can leed to umilashunz fur us .....


Xtweem umiliashunz!

We undastand dat dis dwessin up stuff duz mak dem appy, nd mos of uz gwin nd bare it - cos no urt nuffiin reely - dey az needs oweva stwanj dey mabbe!

Walt Disney was ah..anfr..anfropomorfik.  In iz filelms e did giv uz dogs da same emoshunz az umanz. Diz duz sumtime go to far do - coz emoshunz iz no da same as motivashunz. 

Fur sample - dog get lef ome alone, no like it nd wip up furniture.

Uman fink dog angry, upset, scared (emoshunz) dat left on own so wip up stuff to get wevenj (motivashun)

Dog feel angry, lonely, upset, scared (emoshunz), rip up stuff cos tak mind off bad feelin nd mak im feel better (motivashun)

Umanz needs to undastan we az needs nd owr emoshunz dwive uz to fulfil deez needs.  We needs choo, so wen lef alone if dey did leev uz lots nommy safe fingz to choo we wud choo deez fingz cuz we wud be makin owrsefs feel betta bowt bein lone, nd we wud be satisfyin owr need to choo!

We duz not ever plot nd skeem to pay sumwun bak or get wun ova on sumwun deez iz complex uman twaits dat we duz no av - nd da umanz finkin we duz iz wer anfropomorfizem go to far!

So umanz - stop expektin uz fink like umanz cuz we canno, but twy fink mor like dogs coz yooz can!



  1. Regardless - you guys look cute in your shirts! :D

    Hello! Welcome to blogging - we are very glad to meet you. Come on over for a visit!



    1. Hey! Fanx fur da welcumz! We az ad kwik look at yooz blog - it look vedy profeshunal pal! We will av closer look later nd wead pwoperly. Nice to meet yooz!

  2. Hiya Jack and Molly

    We are just popping over to introduce ourselves. We are Terriers too and look forward to reading about all your fun and adventures.

    Molly, Taffy, Monty and Winnie

    1. Wow! four tewwias in wun owse? Bet dat be fun! Nice to meet yooz guys. Weez'll tak look at yooz blogs laterz!

  3. Another excellent blog my pals and very informative for dem humans!

  4. Hi there! Ruger told us to check you out. Welcome to the world of dog blogging, where we never commit anthropomorphism! (LOL!)


    1. Ellos! Ruger be a gud pal to us! Nice to meet you - we iz jus findin owr way wownd Blogger so weez mite be bit slow - bare wiv uz!

  5. Hi there!

    Welkhome to The Blog World!

    PeeEssWoo: Ruger pawed me about woo!

    1. Hey Khyra. Fanx fur da welcumz. Nice to meet yoo pal!

  6. Hey der!!! I doesn't really be called 'Anonimous' It does be me your Noo Zealand pal Ruger. :) It be time I drops by maiself & leafs a comment. We is looking furward to seeing more ob your adventures my littl' pals. And da mum haf promised we gonna write more on my bloggy dis year too. So we is gonna put woo paws on our blog list and I is happy if woo want to add me to your. :)

    Happy tail wags,
    Ruger & Izzy

  7. Ellos Ruger. Fanx fur da comment! We wud luv to puts yoo on owr blog list! We jus gotta find yooz blog fust! You az linky pal?