Wednesday, 9 January 2013

A Likel bit of Itlee in Bwisol

Dis be EUR in Wome, Itlee:-

EUR be da bizzynis distwik of Wome.  It was da bwane child of Mussolini nd woz wijinaly bilt to hold da 1942 Werld Fair to celebwate 10 yrs of fasism in Itlee.  Oweva, a war did get in da way nd da fair did no appen. Afta da war dey did cawwy on bildin da awea nd turn it into da bizzyniss distwik.  Da awea av lots intwestin artektya nd pwovide big contwas wiv all da anshunt monmentz nd stuff!

Mom nd Dad was olibobin in Wome, nd stayin in hotel in EUR wen dey did diside to get da Molly nd did choos er name - so it av sentmental contashunz fur dem.  (Pfft!  Silly umanz!)

Dis be Aztec West, Norf Bwisol, Inglund:-

Dis be a bizzyniss park jus up da wode frum wer we lives.  It duz wemind uz of EUR nd we do go walkin der sumtime on weekendz!  Diz place woz bilt froo owt 1980's nd woz wijinaly meant to be fur IT cumpanees.  Wen we go der oweva der dussnt be eny bizzyniss goin on xsept fur da coffee nd cayke shop!

So!  Weez gessin yooz askin why wuds yoo go walkin wownd a bizzyniss park?  Well der be lots weeeson.  Wun big vantaj is dat it is juz up wode - ony 30 min walk to get der, witch is lot cheepa nd kwika dan plane wide to Wome!

Da Tellytubbies do also liv der!  Is twoo - look da Tubbytronik Supa Dome is behind uz!  So weneva we goze der we be lookin fur dem as well as de skwizzels dat we duz sumtimes chase. 

Infwont of da Tellytubby owse!
Wen we goze der on de weekend der is no cars or nuffin so we can play ball in da carparks nd wunda wownd wivowt a leed.  Der is also lakes nd dux der nd we sumtimes meets uva furs to.

We did go der las Sundayz nd afta we ad wun awownd fur a wile we did go to da coffee nd cayke shop fur wecuperashunz.

Eny lef fur uz?

Dey did evenshuly giv uz a teeny tiny morsel!  Pfft! Gweedy umanz!

Molecool of cwok masoowa! (Dat be Fwench!)

Nd wen we woz fulee wecuvad we did set off ome, but did mak a detoor to see da dux on da way!  Wen we did get der we did no av eny noms fur dem on acownt of da umanz avin been so gweedy.  So we did diside to do a danz fur dem so az dey woz no to dispoynted!

Ded fly danz fur da dux - coz we noze dey like flies!

Added vantaj of da danzin woz dat da spot we did mistakenly choos to pawform on woz cuva in dux poo so we did get a nice smell afta!  De dux woz no pawtikly gwateful so we did cawwy on wiv owr jurney ome.

Wunz ome we did av nice west infwont of owr noo fire, nd let da odur de dux (Fwench gen) matyooa!

Mmm!  Sniff sniff!
Nd dat woz owr dey in Aztec West - or az we pawfur to call it likel Itlee!


  1. I can see dat dem two places does be fery similar my pals. Does be good wooo haf a place nearby with grass & ducks anf efen da coffees fur da hoomans. Fery convient altogefur I says. Dat dance what did ackidentally happen to involve da duck poops seems like a grate idea too. ;) So long as it not lead to bafs.

    Tail Wags,

    1. No bafs Ruger - juz wipe down wiv viniga! Fanx fur comment!

  2. Cwok masooooa....oh hahahahahahahha....excellnt bloggin my pals.....

    1. Fank yooz vedy mutch Clapton! Weex fink we mite lern sum talien nex!