Thursday, 17 January 2013

Noms Glowius Noms!

Ellos!  Today's blog duz be bowt a subjek vedy close to owr earts - noms nd nommin.  Az yooz eva pondered on da fak dat uz dogz do spend all owr time waytin on da nex meel, or scwownjin noms in between meels?  We goze to bed dweemin of bwekfas, nd wen dat gon start dweemin of dinna!  Fur lots of dogs a walk nd der noms iz all dey az to look forard to evryday!

Molliva Twis - pleez mom can I av sum mor?

So why duz we neva stop finkin bowt noms?  We finx iz praps cuz we iz natwally scavenjas!  Dat iz ow we did becum domestikated!  Bwaver wolves did ang wownd uman vilajes nd eet der wubbish nd, er, coff, der poo nd stuff frum da latreens!  We iz pwogwammed to wont to scavenj (unt), nd iz dwiven to do it!  So aldo it be vedy nice of da umanz to pwovide uz wiv to meels a day in a bowl, weez still dwiven to scavenj - iz like avin an itch nd needin to scwatch it!

So games wer we serches fur fingz dat owr umanz ides is vedy gud fur owr bwanes nd owr jenral welbeen.  Oweva - noms can be use in deez games to make uz "werk" fur owr food.  Dis meens owr meels las longa.   

So usin food to satisfy owr need to unt nd occupy owr bwanes, nd stop uz eetin owr food to kwik nd gettin bad tummees can be vedy gud idee.  

We can av owr food in toys dat keep uz aktif.  (Deez be gud fur da Molly cuz dey duz keep er mor aktiv seein az er need to wotch er figa bein a gerl n'all!)

Der be toys dat mak uz solve pwoblems to get to da food - witch keep owr bwanes aktif nd elp keep uz intwested in fingz nd confident.  (Deez also be gud fur da Molly coz er can be bit of airead sumtime az er be gerl!)

Finally der be toys dat mak uz choo - witch iz anuva fing uz dogz needs to do to stay appy nd keep owr jaws nd teef elfy.  (Deez not so vital fur da Molly cuz er alays be movin er jaw chattin on acownt of bein gerl!)

Solvin pwoblem by opnin box nd investigaytin!

Nd yoo dussnt av to be be buyin lots ekspensif toys nd games nd stuff niva, yooz umans can mak up der own games wiv boxes nd paper cups nd plasik bokkels nd stuff!  Dey can also juz ide yoos food wownd da gardin nd wownd da owse (best if dwy food do (giggle)).

Der do be a sewious side to all of dis do!  If I duz undastan da syenz kowekly, wen we iz suksesful by findin summat or solvin a puzzel owr bwanes duz welease a cemikal dat mak uz appy!  If der be nuff of diz cemikal in da body we stays mentalee elfy!  If no we mite becum bored, fwustated or angwy  - or depwess or anxshus!  (If yooz finkin of impwessin yooz pals da kemikal be call dopameen.)  So usin food like dis elp keep owr bwane kemistwee in balanz!

So we duz sumtime eet owt of bowls - speshully if weez avin sloppy uman food, but we az lots of owr meels in toyz, puzzelz or jus scattered.  Sumtime we do take owr meel wiv uz on a walk nd twayne wiv it - witch meen we lern to focus on da uman nd no go wunnin off nd get in danjrus sitwashunz!  Bowls is soooo las sentwy pals - so ditch em nd get cweeatif wiv yooz noms!

We az put togeva diz likel vidyo to demstwate ways of makin meels las longa nd mor fun:-

CAWSHUNZ:  If der be mor dan wun dog in yooz owse mak shure yoos no start fite ova foods - av toyz/games in sepwate wooms if wun of yoo gards food!  Nd ... if yoo ome lone wiv food toyz mak shure dey is no destwuctabel.  NO FITES nd NO CHOKIN!  OK?

Oooh!  Iz noms time!  Laterz!


  1. You is vain kemmycals in your brane jack? Haz you lern nuffin from Mr Armstrong's sad demise?

  2. *giggle* Deez be natwal kemikals Clapton - do all dat winnin did pwobly incwees iz dopameen levels massifly - witch can be adictif - with wud explain why ee cud no stop da lie nd why da boxers keep cumin bak fur mor! Adwenalin junkees!