Sunday, 3 February 2013

Da Blair Skwizzel Expeerenz nd Molly's Seekwet

Ellos! Todays I iz tellin yooz bowt owr Sundayz walk - witch we did fink woz gonna be bit borwin but did akshulee turn owt to be kwite ventful!

Wen we did wake up it woz owwibel gway wet day! Dey sed we wud no be goin nower muddy or nuffin cos we did get to derty so we woz goin into Brisol - to walk wownd da dox nd see da isterikal bowts! (Well we dus no fink dem bowts be vedy funnii!). So off we went, no weely lookin farard to leed walk wownd town wiv lots umanz wunnin wownd like idjits!

Well fings did start to look betta az soon az we did get der! We did find da mos jigantist ball we eva did see!

No be wude - my mowf do no be dat big!
Wer's Molly nd er sossij dog? (Giggle)

Can yoo see uz?
Den we did meet a vedy wude man - oo simply wud pay no tenshunz to uz wotseva! Pfft! Dus gwumpy old men be bawn in Brisol?

Ellos Mista!  ELLOS MISTA!  Tap tap! Nuffin!?

Den dey did pwoseed to do da isterikal fing nd look at da isterikal bowts!

Wot dus be funnii bowt dis Jack?
 We did sulk a bit nd look miswabel so dey did say we cud go ....... SKWIZZEL UNTIN! Yessss!! Fank yoo Dog!

So off we did go to da deep scawey Blair Witch tipe woods wer da evil deemonik cweetyas to liv.  Ere be ow it did go down - er - bruvs nd - er - sistas!

We woz soo tired afta all dat untin deep in da spooky woods dat we did av to go nom shopin fur top up supplize! On owr way to da food shop we did av look to see wot shows woz werf wotchin - nd look wot sekwet da Molly as been keepin!

Hoo?  Wot?
Nd in case yoo ax furgotton yooz glassis...

Pleez mom can I av sum mor?
 We woz all shok nd stun! We ad fawt er woz juz cleener der fur foo owrs a week!  Mom did allays say er beggin wayz wud get er far!

Afta we ad got ova da shok nd da Molly ad soke up nuff tenshunz we did finalee get to nom shop nd did manij to scwownj bit falafel off dad!

Nd pals, da moral of dis storwee do be dat yoo shudz neva no cownt yooz chikins til dey dus cum owt!

Bye fur now!


  1. Well done for untin the mennis my pals...good werkkk...excellnt scroungin of the Flaffel too...where is my cut?

    1. We iz devoted to da cawse Clapton! We az sworn offe to wid da werld of skwizzels! Oh sowwy - we did bwing yoo diz bak! *frow larj pees flafel toClapton* Enjoy pal!