Monday, 1 July 2013

Da pawtenz of doin Down nd Stayin Down!

Ellos pals!

Wesentli we did ask if yooz ad eny pawtikla wekwests fur a blog wiv twaynin tips - nd we did get deez bak:- stopin jumpin up, stopin barkin, wecall nd gwumpi dogs! So we tak dem wun by wun! Diz week we takel jumpin up! If eny of yoos az enyfin els yoo wud lyk uz to cuva yoo can alays leev uz commentz ere at end of blog - or tweets uz @JackMolly3


Oh we luvs to jump up - at umanz nd uva dogz! Tis natwel fur uz to do - but pawentli iz wude to do it to da umanz nd dey no pawtikli lyk it! Pfft! Spoylsportz! But az dey iz da wunz wiv da noms, iz best to twy nd mayntayn sum etiket wownd dem!

To stop jumpin up yoo needs to no to fingz - Down nd Stay! Iz Simpels!

Ow long I gotta stay ere fur - nd wotya gonna giv me fur doin it - eh?


Pawently da ard, time consoomin part iz teechin uz a stwong down nd stay! (Er dussnt no bowt uva furs but I woz born lyin down nd az been doin it al me life - jus sayin! Umanz!)  Mom sez diz nd wecal iz pwobli da mos impawtent fingz umanz can eva teech uz cos it elp manij soooo meny uva sitwashunz nd keep uz safe!

1. Get clicka or choose werd yooz wont use.
2. Put treet in fist, nd place on flaw infwont of dog palm down, so dog twy get treet owt of and - no say werd.  Dog twy get treet, nd venshuli put bum down on flaw - imidatli clik nd giv da treet or say werd - eg yay, gud boy, bingo - dussnt matta wot, nd giv da treet.
3. Gwaduli bwing fist hiya off flaw - clik/say werd nd treet weneva dog lie down.
4.  Dis can take wile - but keep doing ova few days until dog can lie down on da and signal wile yoo is standing up.
5. Start to say command DOWN jus before duz da and signal (almos at same time).
6. Evenshuli jus say werd, and no do da and signal.
7. Den pwaktis jus da and signal, jus da werd, nd bofe togeva - so we no wot al fwee meens.


8. Nex, wunz dog lying down, wayt a likel wile befur clik/say werd nd treet. (Da clik or werd wil welees uz frum da DOWN.) Gwaduli wayt longa nd longa  Dis bild up da stay.  Evenshli add in da command STAY!

*singz* Pleez welees me let me goooo! Fur I dussnt wont stay ere eny mor!

So wunz yooz lernt da down yoo az to pwaktis pwaktis pwaktis in lots duffrunt playsis nd sitwashunz - gwaduli bildin in distwakshunz to mak it arda nd leevin uz in da down fur longa to! Den pwaktis it fwum distanz to! We needs to undastan da werd nd da and signal so pwaktis bofe!


Wunz da down stay be mastard - den gweetingz be eezi! Wen yooz umanz cum ome dey asks yoo to down befur dey sez ellos! Wen vistas cum visit weez ask to down nd stay wile door opened nd no welees til evri wun wedy to say ellos!

Obvusli to be weely gud at diz tak long time nd umanz need be payshuntz in meentimes! Memba do - da mor vistaz we az, da mor use we iz to dem, da less egsited weez'l get nd da eezia it wil be to contwol uz! *whispa* nd da mor pwaktis nd noms weez'l get!

Also - we noze weez no tawkin bowt yooz - but if yooz umanz duz wun into pawtikli wude fur oo no stop jumpin up - tel em ignaw im, cwoss arms nd turn bak on im - no eye contak, nuffin til e kwiten down - den pwayz im! If e start up gen, ignaw im gen ..... Pleez dussnt start showtin nd erm flappin dem ands bowt cos den we jus fink yoo joynin in nd avin a game nd we gets mor sited nd twys arda to jump up!

Finli - nd ds be vedy pawtent - pleez dussnt be usin no punishment on uz wen twaynin! Dat inclood silly warta spways nd pebbels in canz az well az showtin nd sulkin! We dussnt unstan yooz uman moods wunz sumfin iz dun - iz dun - moov on!


Duz be kerful do pals!  Wunz yoo az been tawt a weely gud down nd stay yooz wil no be able ignaw it!  Dat meen dey can mak yoo do stay wile dey umiliates yoo............erm

Faws to stay in dis umiliyatin pose!

Force no to destwoy deez fingz!

Faws to persnate ET (1)

Faws to personate ET (2) 

Faws to av bwite lite shon in eyes wile werin toy on ead
Faws to starv to def!

Nd meens yooz'll neva be fwee to be destwuctif or unwuly gen! (Er dat bit be a lie.)

Diz dussnt be uz - we is twaynd dogs - diz be da nayburs!

Dis dussnt be uz niva - look dat no owr fire!

So aldo it be nice to ave dem umanz cwooning on bowt wot wel twayned dog yoo iz nd givin yoo noms nd stuff - juz memba evrifin av a pwice - nd be kerful wot yoo wishis fur!

Gud luck!
Oi! Molly! Down! Stay! 


  1. You are the very bestest teacher ever...Moma has shared this on all the important places like the Twitter and FB so all dawgs can learn from you...Pee Ess I gots the very same pink paw print ET towel BOL!

    1. pee pee ess...momz is gonna share this post this week on the Border Terrier Pack newsletter...if you need an invite to join the BT pack just ask mom on my twitter feed @GizmoGeodog

    2. Gizmo! Fank yoo for yooz luvli comments. Weez tweet yooz mom!

  2. Excellent training tips pals! Mum looking forward to da recall one too! #woof

    1. Fanx Winston! Wecall - yep dat impawtant wun - speshli fur uz tewwias *giggle*

  3. Yous be da most clevr dogs I nose.My hooman sisfur sits on my head at obeedjince class to gets me to down,she does sumtimes stixs a nice tasty brie to da floor as well.

  4. Oh deer Bonnie! Da bwee be gud but sittin on yooz ead dus no be elfy pal! *wurrid ears*

  5. No worries,troofully she be pretendin to sits on my head,I wid be well sqashed if she did it fur real,she likes her biscits!!!!!She be likes dem buddists very kind and gentle and wudint harm even dem pesky flys.
    I has telled her to read yore tips and dey will makes her happy.

    1. BOL! We al lyks da biskits weez fink! She sown lyk luvli sisfur! Appi twaynin Bonnie!

  6. I iz barely gettin up my pal...praps I ave snaks for "Up Marley"....anyhoo, is very clever wot you doin and we likes to fink peeple be lernin from it...

  7. Fanks Marley! We woz opin da umanz mite finali wealize we awedy no ow to lie down! Wot we az to put up wiv pal! *shake eads*