Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Monty nd Betty get Wed!

Ellos pals! Diz be Monty nd Betty's offishul weddin blog:-  It be currently unda constwucshun - so will be edited nd updated afta da event - fur now we iz usin it fur speechiz nd anownzments az da weddin be bwordcast live!  Woofhoo!!

Best man's speech (witen nd perform by Ewic...)

*Ahem……kiks poota…..atenshun weddin gests …..clears fwowt nervuslee*

Afor I start, cud sumfur PEAS give blubberin Stella a anki?
Weez be ere tuday tu selebwate, but er snots iz weally kwite manky!
Fur dogs sake wooman, it not a gud luk….it dwibblin down yur nek,
I noes yu be Bwides Mum, vewy pwoud, but get a gwip. Pfft….bloomin hek!

I iz weally onard tu welcum yous all, diz be sutch a speshul day,
Will it be in Woofhoo magazine?....depens ow mutch dey pay.
We fanks evwyfur fur cumin, frum de bottom ov ower art,
But BTW, at de alta, I ad tu wemind de Gwoom not tu f**t!!

Monty n Betty, ower Bwide n Gwoom, deyz fell in wuv ova Twitta.
I wos matchmaka I fink...intwodoosed dem. Dey bowf noo nofur wos fitta.
Weez also gotta fank Dear Marley…wivout Posse wher wud we be?
It all down to im az de founder…..we selebwating matrimonee!!

Wot can I say bout Bwidesmaids? I no even gonna jest.
Molly, Maggie….Yous iz gawjus, de vewy vewy best.
I noes yu tuk yur job sewius….az Betty sed “I do”
Yous bowf made shooer she wos wearin somat old n borrad n bloo!!

N az fur Betty *wipes a tear* she sutch a bootiful stunning Bwide.
N ower Monty…..sutch a luky fur, ee takes er paw wiv pwide.
Monty n Betty, diz yur speshul day, nd de nuptooalz now iz dun.
Congwatoolashuns my pals, frum all ov us…fur de two ov yu now iz wun!!


Nd now da nownzments - wed by me (Jack)  Iz weedin dem in da orda dat we did weseev dem: *cleers frote, coffs* 

Dear Monty + Betty,

              From the bottom of my furry heart I wish you both
       many many years of wedded bliss - remember 1 human year is 7 of ours!


                              Congratulations, luv, hugs and woofs!

                                                 Mr Seb



Deer Betty n Monty

I iz sowwy I will miss yor big day so haz dwessed up to send yoo a foto of me wubbin a lukky horseshoo to bwing yoo bowf lots of luk! I hopes yoo haz wundaful time. 
Woofy wishes, 
Ted xx


Hello, it be me Katie & Chester too! Wez wanting tu wish Monty & Betty a big congradulashunz for der weddin! Wez hopez uz hav wonderfural life tugeffur!
Katie & Chester


Cathy here!  Congratulations on your wedding Betty and Monty!!!
Cathy Jeffries 


We knows Mista Monty and know he is a twue gentleman an will mayke a luvlee husband for the bootiful Miss Betty.

Miss Rosie and I would like to wish dem long life an appiness and ope all dere trubbles are little wuns (oooh ickle pupees wud be luvlee)

Ah be veree appee to be makin da moosic for dis speshul event but it be Mista Monty an Miss Betty who will be maykin da most bootiful moosic togeva.

Love Mista Jock & Miss Rosie xxx


Dere Monty pal n dat lubly Betty, Iz not shure ow yoos met n fell in love but yoos did n dats dat! Iz not met many furs wot as got mawied but I fink it do be vewy speshul n one wurf shoutin bout so hip hip hoooway fur yoos!
Big love n kisses n dem hugs at yoos boff on yer day. 
Ms Ooolalaaaa Kipster xxxx



Sendin congwatulashuns nd jubilashuns to owr fave pair of Bts on da Btposse, MONTY nd BETTY, on their weddin day! YAY!!  Gud luck fer da futur!
Love fwom Rufus da Red nd Penny (his mum)xxxxxxx


Dear Betty & Monty
Fank you so much dear
Pals for letting us share dis
Your special day wiv us furs. 
You make a georgeous pair!!
Congratulations on your wedding
And enjoy every moment
Lots of woofs, licks & hugs
Cornish Barney xx
P.S is there any cute bridesmaids
For #007barney...*giggles* 


Wishing you a long and happy life together dear little sister Betty and new brother in law Monty. From Rohan and Dad


Monty & Betty up a tree
K I S S I N G 
Then came love and then came marriage
What's next?  A litter of puppies in a BT carriage?
He he!
Have a great life together! 
Love from Leotheborder and family xxx


Ah hem....Many conwatulashuns to 2 vewy speshul BT's, Monty & Betty on der vewy speshul mawwidge ♡Big snozzles Vanessa xxxx


Nd finali, Miss Maggie (bwidesmaid) wud lyk weed poem!

Love is not finding a fur you can live with, but finding a fur you cannot live without!
Love is not love which alters when it alteration finds or bends with a remover to remove. Oh no, it is an everlasting mark that looks on
tempests but is never shaken.


Nd me nd Molly wud jus lyk to say wot speshul pals Mondy nd Betty is - nd ow pleez we iz dat dey gettin togeva nd wishin dem vedy appi long lyfe togeva!

OK!  So dat be da nuptyools nd da noms nd nownzments dun - so lets waise owr glasses to da appi cuppel nd

P A W T Y    W O O F H O O H O O

Jock - get scwatchin pal!

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